Cosmetic Industries, Inc.
About Us
Since 1993 Cosmetic Industries, Inc., a family owned business, has specialized in silk screening and filling liquid products in glass and plastic containers ranging from 1/8 oz. (3.75ml) up to 4 oz. (120ml). Today Cosmetic Industries, Inc. has grown to be the largest contract nail polish filling operation on the West Coast.
Both U.S. Filling and Packaging and Container Decorating Services are subsidiaries of Cosmetic Industries, Inc. You can depend on Cosmetic Industries, Inc. for top quality container decorating and filling. We use the most sophisticated equipment for consistent high quality, high volume and fast turnaround. In addition to silk screening and filling, we offer hot stamping on plastic caps, manufacturing pressure sensitive labels, application on containers and special package assembly.
West Coast Showroom & Manufacturing Contact
PHONE: 909-428-7225
FAX: 909-823-0992
East Coast Showroom Contact
PHONE: 212-575-5075
FAX: 212-575-5076
108 West 39th Street (Between 6th and Broadway)
Suite 1100
New York, NY 10018